About me

Martina Lange was born in the town of Buchholz/ in der Nordheide, Germany.

1983-1985 attended University of Applied Science for Communication Design (Fachhochschule Wiesbaden), Germany

1990 Wiesbadener Freie Kunstschule (wfk), drawing under Wolfgang Becker.

1992 Water color and mixing techniques under Professor Wolfgang Wrisch, Bremen.

1998 Europäische Kunstakademie in Trier, painting under Jo Milne.

As of 1999 Martina (the artist) moved to and started freelancing in Basel, Switzerland.

Painting for the Basler Fasnacht (Dupf Club) to order.

Frequent exhibitions in Switzerland.

2012 she moved to Berlin.


Today, after taking a creative break, there is a new beginning for her art.

Martina's (the artist's) strength lies in the expressive power of her acrylic paintings, which arise of an inner intuition. It portrays the invisible world. Throughout the painting process the motive is created, which determines the coloring and the application technique of the paint. 

Canvaswood, and cardboard serve as her medium of choice, where she applies acrylic paint with quartz sandglue or leveling compound.

Martina portrays a world of emotions.

Martina Lange